Maddie (peachy_ewan_muf) wrote,

This is Now a Private Matters Journal

I will only here post personal stuff I don't feel comfortable sharing with the world, and/or stuff related to comms.

I will only here? I left that there to show how weird that was. I will only post personal stuff here . . . Too much Chinese, much? ANYHOODLES!

Anything not-too-personal will be relocated to tumblr. It's very my style. I can post short little things centered around a picture, or a quote, or whatever. And I enjoy it. I don't like big long-winded posts when I can post tiny little things instead, and I think that's more Tumblr-friendly than LJ-friendly.

So yeah. When I post less often, that's why. This is now more of a diary than anything. Whee!! I'll still try to keep up, but some days I just don't feel like reading my friends list. So if you get much delayed comments, that's why.
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