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16 June 2010 @ 07:18 pm
Guess Who I Saw Toy Story Before? (:  

Um. . . A lot of people, apparently.
I find it odd that the release date in its COUNTRY OF ORIGIN is behind the release date in various countries, including ohhhhhhhhhh this one. Now.

I wasn't expecting much of this movie, because I am skeptical about sequels as a whole. Good sequels = The Empire Strikes Back and um. . . Um. . . . Um. . . . .
But I always have to see Pixar movies in theaters. I always have. I almost didn't with Cars and even then, I did. And I'm glad I never broke that, hahahaha. I never really felt the need to see them on their release date, though. I'm not that hardcore. I basically saw it today because a) I have the day off from school b) I have nothing else to do on this so called "FESTIVAL" day c) I'm a bitch and want to rub it in my fellow countrymen's faces. And so I did.

I was pretty happy to not be the only childless adult in the theater. In fact, there was only one family with a kid. This makes a lot of sense, since I saw the English version. Small children can't read enough to understand the subtitles, nor do they know enough English to just watch the movie. I was surrounded by other purists who believe movies should not be watched in dubbed form. The only difference? Our passports.

The subtitles were DISTRACTING! But I guess that's good, 'cause I did learn a bit from when my eyes wandered, pfft.

- They didn't let us in for a long time, but still played things right on schedule?! I don't know if there were previews, especially if there were previews for Pixar's next. I did see most of Night and Day (or was it Day and Night)? And that was cute. I loved when Day showed off Vegas and Night got this look like "OH, THAT'S NOTHING" and then showed his version of Vegas. That was pretty cute.
- The one game Andy was playing in the home video was so cute, aw. It made me start crying already, 'cause I knew enough about the plot to know that Andy was going away to college.
- I got all sad when they mentioned Bo Peep being given away. The look on Woody's face was so sad. )':
- When Andy called the toys junk, I totally started crying.
- WHY THE HELL DOES NO ONE EVER BELIEVE FREAKING WOODY!? They think he's an evil liar lashing out in jealous revenge and then like twelve years later, they think he's lying about Andy NOT wanting them to be given away. WTF! I also welled up when Andy's mom thought they were trash and threw them away. Jessie's logic of "HE THREW US IN A GARBAGE BAG" made me wtf all over. Yeah, he's a teenage boy. His organizational skills are zero to none.
- KEN PFFFF I loved Ken. I loved his cheesy yet so-true line on Barbie ("We were MADE for each other") and I loved that everyone gave him crap for being a girls' toy. I loved all the KEN IS A GIRLY MAN jokes. I love that one of his ascots was really Barbie's scarf. I love that the frilly glittery note in swirly handwriting was NOT from Barbie as Buzz initially suspected. I loved the look on everyone's face when they all noticed the KEN. I LOVED IT. I loved when Ken was like NICE LEGWARMERS and Barbie was like GROOVY ASCOT. I loved it all.
- The daycare villains. AlSO, what is with Toy Story and creepy baby dolls?!??!?!
- I love Bonnie! She's freaking adorable! If I have kids half as cute as her, I'll consider it a major accomplishment. I also love her toys. SHE HAS. A FREAKING. TOTORO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Mr. Tortilla Head and Mr. Cucumber Head. Need I say more?
- SPANISH BUZZ. OMG. TEN TIMES BETTER THAN KEN. I was totally over Ken by the time Buzz went into Spanish mode. OMG. I love how Jessie reacted to Spanish mode. I LOVE SPANISH BUZZZZ. I love how he wasn't just SPANISH SPEAKING SPACE RANGER, but was, in fact, a stereotypical romantic Spaniard. I totally giggled when he was all dramatically like, "SENORITA!!! SENORITA!!!! DONDE ESTAS????" I loved how he freaking danced. I loved it all. I love when Woody was hesitant to go off to college and Jessie said she'd be okay, 'cause she knows about Buzz's Spanish mode. LOLLLLL. I loved in the credits, when Jessie put on the music and Buzz started dancing and acting romantic all uncontrollably. I also love that they kept the English subtitles so I wasn't all lost, haha. MAN was the screen cluttered when Spanish Buzz spoke!
- I'm a gullible little girl who totally thought they were all actually going to die at the dump (no matter how much logic told me otherwise). I was actually wailing until THE CLAAAAAAAAAAAW saved them. YAY, ALIENS!!!! I loved the little exchange between the aliens and their parents afterwards. Aw.
- I loved that Jackass Bear got what's coming to him.
- The end. The end. The end. ;_; I totally cried the whole time. I cried when Andy brought the box to Bonnie and I cried when he introduced each toy. I cried when he noticed Woody had gotten into the box and almost didn't give it to her because he was so attached to him, but forced himself to move on. I cried when he had his final playtime with them. I cried when Bonnie made Woody wave and Andy looked like HE would cry. I cried until the credits rolled. Yes, I cried over a boy giving away his old toys. YES, I DON'T CARE IF THAT IS PATHETIC.
- Overall, I really enjoyed it.
Lissie: pixar: ts velocistar237mamoswine on June 16th, 2010 11:48 am (UTC)

But not! I can see your last line that you really enjoyed it, so I'm more excited now!
Powerpuff-lover: Me; Angry D:<p_lover on June 16th, 2010 03:25 pm (UTC)
YOU'RE SO LUCKY FJAKSDLF;ASJDKFS ;___; Also skipped the spoilers. I want to see this movie so bad. EVIL MADDIE, PURE EVIL!

On a lighter note, I can't wait to come back here and discuss it with you, haha. <3