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18 May 2010 @ 08:26 am
Last Night's HIMYM?  
I liked it for the most part, though the end was HELLA cheesy. Whatever. I loved how Jed Mosley was portrayed and how the actors sometimes called him TED and once called him TED MOSBY.

My favorite part was, of course, a Barney part.

When Barney chanted "KISS HIM," and narrator Ted said, "Your uncle Barney didn't say kiss. . . still not saying kiss?" That. Made the episode. For me.

Then when the usher came, and he was like, "This is outrageous! Who the kiss are you?"
And when he threw a fit and left, saying, "Kiss this, the kissing movie is over anyway."

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I totally lol'd. I mean, they already did basically the SAME THING earlier in the season with "bagpipes," but it just doesn't get old.

"She keeps telling him to play the bagpipes harder, but it sounds like he's bagpiping her pretty hard."
"SHUT THE BAGPIPES UP!!!!" Yeah. I love this show. <: I'll sure miss the last episode(s).